Nino Bravo MUSEO


Nino Bravo Museum


Tributes, meetings or souvenirs related to the singer Nino Bravo.

Since the Nino Bravo Museum was opened in 2006, its reputation has continued to grow, and year after year it has organised numerous events related to the singer.

We collaborated with and promoted the 2007 and 2012 gatherings of fans, family and friends at the Nino Bravo music festivals held in Aielo de Malferit. There were also the tributes in Villarrubio (Cuenca), where a street was named after the singer and restoration and relocation work was carried out on the cross erected in the municipality of Cuenca at the end of the 1970s.

The memories and the legacy left by Nino Bravo grow larger every year. The spirit of the Museum is to support each and every event.

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Museo Nino Bravo

More than half a thousand pieces of audiovisual, photographic, sound and written material.

Objects as unique as the microphone and the suits used by the singer during his performances, his school book, his military ID card, photographs of his childhood and youth, unpublished snapshots of his stag party, posters of his performances, and much more.



Pays tribute to his memory and offers visitors a tour where they can discover many surprises and unpublished material.

It shows the artistic career of Nino Bravo, from his beginnings to the peak of his professional life, as well as his personal and family life.

Personal and professional objects donated by the family, fans and friends of Nino Bravo, under the name of ‘Nino Universe Permanent Museum Collection’, which will surprise even the singer’s most enthusiastic fans.